I cried in Amsterdam

I made my first trip to Amsterdam two days ago.

Exactly two weeks after I arrived in Netherlands (read my article Apeldoorn, new town new life). I and my flatmate were munching freshly baked pastries at the lovely Bakker Bart on Stationsplein street. It’s walking distance to the station and we got nothing to do anyway so after a few talks about life (’cause life is important), we decided to head Amsterdam.

We hopped on an NS train, sat through 1 hour +/- and set foot in Amsterdam Centraal station.

Way to Centraal Amsterdam's main gate
Stairway from the platform to the main entrance. I have a fetish for downward staircase.

Summary of places I visited:

  • Sex museum: 2/5

My friend recommended it because it’s cheap. They have quite a diversity of kinky stuff: wax figure of a loud-mouthed exhibitionist, stone sculptures displaying sex positions practiced by different cultures, self-taken nudes of the 18th century ladies, comics depicting a wife “half-heartedly” fucks a man in exchange for her husband’s promotion, etc. But honestly, not really worth it because you can see a lot more on the internet. If you’re not too hard up, 5 euro might not be a bad price for this kind of experience.

Amsterdam's Sex Museum
I love this lady. Look at those weapons she was wearing. So progressive, very much liberal.
  • Rijkmuseum: 4/5

We had no idea what this building whose windows look down into a lower-lying (given that Netherlands is already low-lying) space full of visitors is when passing by it to visit the Van Gogh Museum. One of the things I love most about living abroad in Western countries is that artists perform music everywhere! And that day I saw one independent performance that moved me strongly. But I didn’t cry over that, wait for it lol.

Well, in the end we never really entered Rijkmuseum. Outside the biggest Dutch national art museum is a garden, very typical of national museums everywhere. People sat lazily on chairs put there for public use doing leisure activities such as reading books, chatting with a quiet tone of voice. Everybody looked calm and careful as if they were trying to protect the serene atmosphere.

Lovely sunny day. I love the tree, is it willow, no?

This was when it kicked in my repressed homesickness. The thing is, I always find it hard to take in too much unfamiliar things at a time. I mean that’s usually the case for most of us because our cognitive system needs time to process new information. Basically, the new Amsterdam threw me into a whirlwind of foreignness. I felt overwhelmed and bursted into tears like an abandoned kid. The feeling was beautifully sad. I had a good time crying. My flatmate said to me that at least years from now I would look back and remember that time I cried in central Amsterdam.  Romantic shit.

Anyway, next time I’ll buy a ticket and see what’s good, promise.

  • I Amsterdam sign: 2/5

Iconic (*cough* mainstream) spot to visit when in Amsterdam. People were taking pictures so I did too but without much effort lol.

Iamsterdam sign
See the picturesque building on the back? That’s Rijkmuseum.
  • Moco Museum: 5/5

Moco museum is located in the Museumplein, the center for art lovers, right next to Van Gogh Museum. Shot for the moon, landed among the star haha. The venue is Ville Alsberg, a lovely traditional mansion designed by Eduard Cuypers. He was also responsible for the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Centraal station (impressive man). But why here? BECAUSE THEY’RE HAVING BANKSY EXHIBITION FRIENDS!!! Here are some photos for you.

Banksy exhibition in Moco Museum, Amsterdam
Overtime i Make Love i Think of Someone Else, 2002
Banksy exhibition in Moco Museum, Amsterdam
Love Is In The Air, 2003
Banksy exhibition in Moco Museum, Amsterdam
Pulp Fiction, 2004

Of course you can find pictures of better quality and better lighting on the internet but duh you’re on my site. 😛

That’s it. We stopped by a random weed shop to buy some cookies and gummies (everything is written “real cannabis made in Amsterdam” haha I love the affirmation).

Banksy exhibition in Moco Museum, Amsterdam
Such way of life. Thank you, Banksy.


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