Friends – We keep each other survive

I believe friendship is by far one of the most abstract concepts, way more superior to romantic love. Though it undoubtedly cannot be put on a par with family, friendship builds up on quite similar the foundation of unconditional love. And while we don’t throw ourselves into friendship like we do when we’re in love with a sexually attractive person, it still requires a click in souls for friends to come and stay.



Fun, laugh, tear, share. Pretty much what we do with friends. Yet, friendship’s most appreciated function that keeps friends together is indifferent tolerance, which means true friends stay no matter how worthless a piece of shit you are. Friends don’t preach you about how good a person you should be, they accept that you’re flawed. Friends don’t become disenchanted when they discover dark sides in you, they open up to you with their hidden dark sides. That’s no doubt erosive and degrading, but for us self-obsessed weirdos born and lost in a collective society where being your true self usually is not socially encouraged, that’s life-saving.



Time for some Friends quote!

Honestly, there were some times when I thought the group of friends in Friends was a bunch of losers. They’re clingy, whiny, clueless and love each other too much! But, oh hello, who am I to judge when they’re happy?

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